Topology ReservationΒΆ takes a number of arguments, most of which are optional.

--site Site to deploy topology, as a site name (vts-gpo, etc.)
--slice Slice name
--project Project name (typically the geni-lib default)
--with-nf Build with network function – don’t set to get baseline
--context-path Path to context JSON, if not default location
--delete Delete any pre-existing sliver with same slice name
--num-sites Number of sites to deploy in topology
--num-sensors Number of sensors to deploy per site
--mgmt-loss Percentage of loss in network
--mgmt-delay Delay in ms between every site and mgmt location
--mgmt-reorder Percent of packets to reorder
--config-path SSH Config file location for constructed topology
--uhexp-url URL for uhexp repository
--uhexp-branch Branch in supplied repository
--nf-url URL for doe-nf repository
--nf-branch Branch in supplied repository
--nfbase-url URL for pynf-base repository
--nfbase-branch Branch in supplied repository

Only slice is a required argument if you have a properly set up geni-lib context. You can use the URLs and branches to supply your own modification to the experiment. The default values of num-sites is 2 and num-sensors is 3, which you will need to know to provide input to You will have to set reorder and delay parameters in order to get useful results, but they are not required for basic packet delivery to function.

The common execution of for an NF deployment will simply be:

$ --with-nf --mgmt-delay 1000 --mgmt-reorder 20 --slice slicename