Directory Structure

The directories in this repository are named to refer to what tools are included in a particular environment. Each directory includes the code to build the environment.

Name is of format:


Currently supported infrastructure environments are:

  • Docker
  • Vagrant (virtualbox and libvirt)

Feature keys are:

Computer Networking Class Tools
  • Includes J, L, Lm4421, Ex4421, and Dp4421
Dp4421 Small pre-generated datapools for 4421 exercises
Ed UHED and UHGENI python libraries
Ex4421 Exercises for 4421
J Jupyter single-user server
L Labserve
Lm4421 Labmodules for 4421, including Instructor-only
V Virtual Topology Service testbed instance

Example: vagrant-CnEdV

A vagrant VM with specific libraries for teaching computer networking represented by Cn, has the UH Networking Lab’s education libraries represented by Ed, along with Virtual Topology Services running on the VM which is represented by V.